Mandi Meléndez | Nurture Family Counseling®


Mandi Meléndez

I believe the ways in which we think, feel and behave are dramatically impacted by our relationships with others. By helping you make sense of your family experiences as well as your own beliefs, I hope to empower you to move toward a more fulfilling personal and family life. In our sessions together, we might do this by discussing early memories, your place within your family, and other environmental factors that may have influenced the way you see the world.

During our time together I will encourage you to identify your values so that you might make intentional and positive choices.  It is my hope that through this process you will develop a strong sense of your inner value and will gain the tools needed to feel confident and empowered in navigating daily life.

  • MA in Professional Counseling
  • MA in Interpersonal Communication
  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Supervisor
  • Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor
  • Registered Play Therapist Supervisor™
  • TBRI® Practitioner
  • Past President, Texas Association for Play Therapy, Hill Country Chapter