Young brothers looking out car window

The Importance of Embracing Boredom

I would agree that technology and screen time can be valuable, but it also has some unintended consequences. And while boredom seems a nuisance we need to extinguish, it actually has some powerful benefits.

On Parenting and Therapy | Nurture Family Counseling®

On Parenting and Therapy (or On Being a Parent and a Therapist)

As a therapist specializing in work with families and children, I often hear the comment from clients: “with all your training, you must find it really easy being a parent”. My response to this, as you might guess, is both long and involved – no, not easy at all really.

No Drama Discipline | Book Review by Mary Hoofnagle

Book Review: No Drama Discipline

As a child counselor, I am asked frequently for advice or endorsements or opinions of a specific model or book. When I evaluate models for parenting I consider three things: